Word Craft Sessions

Just because you have a website, doesn’t mean you know how to write copy.

But what if you could write better copy to increase your sales? What if you had enough ideas to write blog posts for the next month? Two months? Six months?

Being a new business owner struggling to do everything yourself is a lot of stress for one person. Especially when you get so lost inside your own head that you start double and triple guessing yourself.

But if you’re unsure of your next big business move, and you’re just too in it -the zone, The Vortex of Creative Constipation-  you might just need someone to pull you out of your own head so you can focus on what’s important: Your Business.

If you’re not making the kind of money you know you should be, if you’re feeling stagnant in your business and unsure of your next move, it might just be that your copy needs a swift kick in the money-maker.

The internet is a world of ideas, websites generated from the minds of the masses.  that have been words. If you don’t have the right ones to generate quality that income, then I would love to introduce you to word craft sessions.

Word craft sessions

I’ll read through your Sales page and your About page and find a treasure trove of ways that you can improve them with more enticing copy. Because let’s face it, sometimes you need someone else to take a look at what you’ve got.

If you have an awesome business but you’re falling short in sales, it really might be as simple as switching up your copy. Why?

Because writing copy for your site is a whole different beast than writing almost anything else. And the right copy can make or break your business.

After I look through your pages, I’ll deliver to you a personalized guide that will offer:

  • suggestions you can make to your Sales copy so it’s more engaging and compelling

  • creative ways to write your About page so that it’s client-centered, but still personal

  • the tools you need to DIY and come off looking like a pro

  • the inspiration and direction you need to keep moving forward

  • helpful tips that you can apply to all your future writing
  • a massage and tweak of your content so it goes from mediocre to magic
  • relief that if writer’s block ever hits you, you can hit back with style and confidence

DIY Copy will give you the confidence you need to write your own copy so you can make those sales, and never have to worry about losing your voice (or your mind) in the process.

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