Launching a business is a big job.

There are so many things that go into running a successful business that it’s time to ask yourself, why struggle with writing the website copy?

The blank screen of flashing cursors shouldn’t haunt you.

You shouldn’t add fighting writer’s block to the list of things you have to get done today, because you have more important things to be doing. Like running your business.

There’s a reason why 97% of new businesses fizzle out. Words are the currency of the internet, and if your words fall flat, so does your business.

If you are:

• about to launch your new business
• stressed out from micro managing
• unsure of what to write to make people buy what you’re selling
• tired of staring at a flashing cursor
• waiting for inspiration to strike, and you’re afraid you’ll be dead before that happens
• ready for your business to sound as good as it looks

It’s time for you to stop freaking out and let me take care of your copy.

Because words are my business.
Your words, your business, crafting your message.


I take something abstract, the vision you hold of your business, and use words to turn it into something tangible online; in clear, succinct language, so your message doesn’t get lost in translation.

I use a combination of a detailed intake form, Skype conversations, and our personal emails (don’t worry, just the important bits!) so I can capture your language and make sure that your copy still sounds just like you.

Imagine your brand message was clear, succinct, and sounded just like you. That your site flowed cohesively. That you weren’t scared of not being good enough, because you could be great.
You could get back to running your business.

Let me worry about the words (that’s my job!). Launching a successful business just got way easier.

This package includes:

• About page
• Sales page
• Homepage copy
• 5 Taglines (with up to 3 revisions)

I will also hook you up with a small ‘Moving Forward’ PDF guide, so you can get a better grasp on how to write for your clients in the future.

Stop stressing, stop imagining, and start succeeding.


Ready to start succeeding?


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