Calling all quirky, sexy, goofball business ladies who are tired of staring into the dark tunnel of death (also known as writer’s block).

It’s time to turn your head in a different direction.
(Over here!)


Your words are your mother-loving currency on the internet, and you’re sure-as-shit not getting anywhere by waiting for the perfect sentences to fall from the heavens.


If you’re tired of staring at that blinking cursor.
If you’ve had enough revising and revising and revising and revising and.…
If you’re ready to reveal your unique business ideas in wacky wording that cuts through the clutter…

You’re in the right damn place!

Because I know you are not a replica of any other business or entrepreneur out there.

YOU are doing something so off-the-wall, unbelievable and new, that no template could possibly suffice. And here’s the thing: it’s fucking hard to explain what you’re doing. That’s the problem with being unique.

It’s a bitch, I know.

And it’s exactly why YOU don’t just need a copywriter, you need a creative copywriter.

One who truly gets what you’re about. That’s what wordcraftlove is here for.

My name is Nathalie Poulin, and I’m here to help you communicate your oddball, interesting, totally unique business in crafty, confident copy.

Think of me as a translator of weird and one-of-a-kind ideas. I will explain your business in such a succinct way that even your stubborn family will be impressed instead of stumped (and let’s face it: judgmental).

My comfy couch (and stash of booze) are wide open to you!*

*For killer copy and complaining about judgmental families, either works.

Wordcraftlove is the copywriting service for unique business owners with an overflow of passions and

You see, business storytelling is a craft, like crochet. You have to weave all of your passions into
one, meaningful, resonant story. For you, it might be a headache. For me, it’s my favourite part.

I love words. I love crafts. And I love you. Why?

Because you’re not like anyone else.

I don’t really like the terms ‘alternative’ or ‘different’, because it makes me think of douchey, emo
musicians from the 90s, so let’s go with something sexier and more on-the-nose: “eccentric.”
Being “eccentric” is kinda hip nowadays but it doesn’t always feel that way, does it? It’s kinda like being the “new kid” starting classes on the first day of school.

No one knows you. You’re probably a little nerdy. And you don’t know how to dress or act to “fit in.”

Meanwhile, that’s what most other businesses would love for you to do. Fit in. Blend. Go with the flow.
In other words, disappear.

But you’re not going to do that.

Because you have a mission, message, and uh, money to make.

And my mission?
Is to help you own your “eccentric”.

From naked sledding to running the weekly Magic: The Gathering draft at the mall, I’ve found a way to take my eccentricity and make it my own.

You know what other eccentricities I own?

➔ School bus driver by day, adult toy store employee by night.
➔ I can humiliate teenage boys in a belching contest (and I have).
➔ I have no filter when I speak, and have thus learned how to get myself out of sticky social situations without feeling  awkwardness. (I don’t believe in awkward situations, just bad communication.)
➔ I have an unusual lack of shame, which I use to help people drop their guard.
➔ Sometimes, my greatest accomplishment is keeping my mouth shut.

The point?


You’re over it. I’m over it. It’s over.

Let’s crash that normal party and show the world what sets you apart.
Think you’re ready?
It’s time to stop struggling with your copy and get some wordcraftlove.
All the lovable services you need are right here.

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